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Portable Toilet & Shower Units Designed to Accommodate Wheelchairs 

If you require a wheelchair accessible shower and toilet unit, our portable wheelchair bathroom units are a great solution. Our portable wheelchair bathroom units comply with Australian standards and includes grab rails a hand-held shower, hot water, internal and external lighting and a 180 degree swing door for easy wheelchair access.   

Portable Wheelchair Shower & Toilet Units

Our portable handicap bathroom units provide our customers with easily accessible bathroom units that can be used by patrons with a disability, whether you need a wheelchair accessible bathroom due to home renovations or for a major event, our portable toilet and shower units are the perfect solution for you.

With 3 different approach ramp options available, our wheelchair accessible units can be easily configured and wheeled into position to suit any site or event layout. Privacy screens are also available for hire.   

Hire a Portable Wheelchair Accessible Shower or Toilet Unit Today

If you need to hire a portable wheelchair friendly bathroom unit in Sydney, choose Ozzy Outhouse Hire. We have portable bathroom units to suit your unique requirements, including wheelchair friendly portable bathroom solutions. Book a site visit from one of our trained staff by calling 0414 015 800 today or get a quote below. 


Grab rails
Hand shower
43.5 deg hot water
Internal and external lighting
180 deg swing door for easy access
Plus much more…

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I rent a portable wheelchair accessible toilet and shower unit?

At Ozzy Outhouse Hire you can hire one of our portable handicap shower and toilet units for as long as you need. Hire from one week to one month, we leave the duration of your hire completely with you.

Do I need to level the ground prior to installing a portable bathroom unit?

No, the Ozzy Outhouse Hire team will expertly level and find an appropriate place to install our wheelchair accessible units upon delivery.

Do I need to clean the wheelchair accessible bathroom?

Yes, cleaning of the portable toilet and shower unit is required prior to pick up. This includes the removal of personal items and toiletries and a general wipe down and clean of the unit using gentle cleaning products.

Can I use bleach to clean the toilet?

No, please do not use bleach to clean the toilet. When cleaning the portable handicap toilet and shower units please use gentle cleaning products such as Shower Power or Spray n Wipe.

Do your wheelchair accessible toilets come with toilet paper/toiletry products?

All our portable wheelchair accessible toilet and bathroom units are supplied with hand wash soap and toilet paper.

How much space does a wheelchair accessible toilet unit take?

When choosing where the unit will fit, you need to take into consideration the unit, platform, and ramp size. The dimensions for our wheelchair portable toilet and shower units are:

Unit size: 2.7m x 2.0m
Platform: 1.5m x 1.5m
Ramp: 2.2m x 1.0m

What payment methods are accepted by Ozzy Outhouse Hire?

At Ozzy Outhouse Hire, we accept payment via direct bank transfer or by card. We accept Visa MasterCard and AMEX.

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