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Chemical Toilet Rentals for Building Sites in Sydney!

If your building site needs chemical toilets, our portable units are the perfect solution. Specifically designed for building sites, our unit rentals ensure your workers always have easy access to a toilet.

Our chemical toilets feature a completely self-contained water and waste tank system, which is serviced on a fortnightly basis. If you would prefer the system to be serviced on a weekly basis, please let our team know.

To ensure all our customers can use the portable toilets they’ve hired as soon as possible, our units are delivered and installed by our experienced team of plumbers. We’ll install the toilets in a suitable position on a building site, no more than 20 meters away from the kerb for servicing.


The toilet and basin are foot operated
Basin for washing hands
Includes hand soap and toilet paper
Fortnightly servicing
or weekly servicing available upon request


Height 2200mm
Width 1200mm
Depth 1200mm

Frequently Asked Questions

Do chemical toilets need to be frequently emptied?

Our chemical toilet units are installed with a self-contained water and waste system. This allows us to empty our units on a fortnightly basis. We can also empty them weekly upon request.

Do I need to book one of your chemical toilet units well in advance?

No, although we do also accept advanced bookings, you can book a chemical toilet unit 24 hours prior to the delivery date.

Is there a minimum rental period for your chemical toilets?

No, there is no minimum hire period at Ozzy Outhouse Hire. We give you complete control over how you hire our bathroom units. Hire for one week to several months we leave it completely up to you.

Does the chemical toilet unit need to be installed on level ground?

No, our team will level the ground upon delivery and installation of the chemical toilet unit. You can learn more about our installation process here.

Is cleaning of the chemical toilet unit required prior to pick up?

Yes, cleaning of chemical toilet unit is required prior to pick up. This includes primarily the removal of all personal items from the toilet and a general clean of the toilet unit itself.

Can I use bleach to clean the chemical toilet units?

No, please do not use bleach and/or harsh chemicals in our toilet units. When cleaning our rental toilet units, we recommend using gentle cleaning products such as Shower Power or Spray n Wipe.

Do your chemical toilets come with toilet paper/toiletry products?

Toilet paper and hand wash soap are supplied with all our chemical toilet unit rentals.

What happens if a contractor or guest damages the chemical toilet unit?

As stated in the Hire Agreement, any damage caused by a contractor or guest is paid for by the hirer of the chemical toilet unit.

What is the preferred method of payment for chemical toilet hire?

When hiring one of our chemical toilet units, we accept payment via bank transfer or by credit card. We accept Visa, Master Card and Amex.

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