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Ozzy Out House Pty Ltd was established in the year 2000. This company was created by a family with a previous experience in the plumbing industry. The year 2000 saw the first designs of their mobile bathroom units, which were then brought to life. From this first stepping stones, Ozzy Outhouse have been growing their fleet of bathrooms to accommodate more customer needs and the demand for their bathrooms.

The idea of mobile bathrooms came from previous plumbing experiences by Ozzy Outhouse. They found that many family homes only have one bathroom, when this bathroom has problems or the family are looking to renovate that one bathroom, what do you do when the bathroom is out of action? The mobile bathrooms were developed to accommodate this reason, so that families are not out of a bathroom.

Many families caught onto this idea, which made renovating much easier. We then discovered that people were not only after out bathrooms for renovating, our bathrooms started to make regular appearance at parties. At parties, they didn’t always act as a second bathroom to the one in the home, they were being used as bathrooms outside the house to stop guests making tracks through the house. Our mobile bathroom units became very popular that we began designing more bathrooms to accommodate other needs such as the need for portable toilets.

We came up with four types of portable toilets; fresh flushing toilet units, pump out toilet units, chemical toilet units and building site toilets. These four types of toilets catered to so many more of our customers needs. From parties, weddings all the way to building sites.

From the year 2000 to now Ozzy Outhouse has grown immensely and have a large client base catering for all needs big and small. Ozzy Outhouse is continually growing and expanding, so keep an eye on the news section to see what they come up with next!

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